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A Last Icon Maker Standing community for the talented Emma Watson.

rules ♥

- In order to participate in the LIMS, you must sign up at the sign up post at the beginning of the round. If you submit an icon, but your username is not on the sign up post, your icon will not be accepted.
- Anything may be used in order to make your icon, except other pictures. Text, brushes, etc., are all accepted.
- Animation is not allowed.
- Rounds last for one week. See the schedule in its section below.
- Voting depends on how many people are participating in the round. If there are a lot, you will vote for your three least favorite and your one favorite. If there are only a few, you will vote for your one or two least favorite and your one favorite.
- All participants are allowed one skip. You can earn another skip by promoting the community.
- Icons must be made especially for this competition, and do not post them anywhere until the elimination/winners post goes up. You may change your entry at any time between Tuesday when the round goes up, and Sunday when the voting goes up. If you do change your entry, be sure to delete your other entry. You may change it as many times as you like.
- Each round, there will be one (or more) person(s) eliminated until we're down to two participants. The final three remaining will battle it out in the final round. Additionally, each round someone will be voted as the people's choice and someone will be chosen as the mod's choice.
- When it comes to voting, you must provide reasons for eliminations and favorites. Do not say "I don't like..." or anything like that. Give reasonable reasons.
- Participants may NOT vote for themselves. Also, please be honest when you vote. Don't try to eliminate your competition.
- Please no profanity!
- Finally, please do not delete your icons from their servers until you either win or are disqualified.

schedule ♥

Tuesday - The picture(s) for the round goes up.
Sunday - No more icons will be accepted. The voting will go up.
Tuesday - The voting ends, and the winners are announced.

PLEASE NOTE that each action above will happen after 6PM EST, so be sure to get your icons in before that time.
Any questions? Feel absolutely free to ask.

affiliates ♥

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all graphics for Round 5 made by ofraindrops (round 4 LIMS)